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Commercial Tenant Improvements

Landlords and their property managers must often provide renovations in order to accommodate new tenants. Guaranteed Plumbing is the preferred plumbing vendor of a number of commercial property management companies, including Legacy Partners Commercial, a leading developer and property management firm in the Bay Area. When contracted to complete tenant improvement projects, Guaranteed Plumbing consistently remains on time and on budget in executing the plumbing work necessary for tenants to customize their space to fit their unique needs. Guaranteed Plumbing has completed tenant improvement projects for various prominent companies such as Jack In the Box and Wells Fargo Bank.


Our service is founded on our licensed plumbing experts.  We work with the most qualified, trained, and experienced technicians. All of them are insured, your property is in secure hands. We have handled all types of plumbing problems, from minor drain issues to emergency pipe repair—no matter your issue, we can provide a fast and permanent solution.

Our team of professional understand that your clients should not be disturbed and our work should be done in the background as much as possible. Understand the needs of our clients is why Guaranteed plumbing is rated one of the best plumbing companies in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

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