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Kitchen, Bath & Laundry Plumbing


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place where friends and family gather to make food. It is also highly functional. Each component of the kitchen plumbing network, including the appliances like dishwashers and garbage disposal units, must work together to ensure a healthy, bacteria-free environment. Healthy valves and faucets are vital for effective water use.

The team at Guaranteed Plumbing can install and repair any part of your kitchen plumbing. If water flows through it, we can fix and maintain it.


Bought a new dishwasher? We’ll install the machine and ensure that it works well with no chance of leaks. Dishwasher installation is quick and easy. Your machine inlet must fit onto the hot water supply shut-off valve. If the installation is new, you may have to install the shut-off valve. The drain hose must connect with the outlet. We’ll make sure that there are no leaks in the pipes and that everything is working before we leave you to run your first load of dishes.


From washing dishes to filling pots and rinsing vegetables, the kitchen sink is a busy place. All water lines, faucets, and drains must be fully operational. Kitchen sinks can present problems, most commonly centered around the drain. Sink drains can easily block if you don’t protect them from grease and cooking oil. Food and other debris just add to the problem. These materials can accumulate in the p-trap, or beyond, making the water back up in the sink.

If you have a problem with your kitchen sink, call Guaranteed Plumbing, and keep your kitchen sink sparkling clean and in good order. Your family’s health depends on it.

Garbage Disposals

Another unsung kitchen hero – the garbage disposal! What do you do with your food waste when your garbage disposal stops working? Fortunately, most garbage disposal problems are quickly resolved. If your machine has stopped working and you’ve done the troubleshooting, it’s time to call the experts. Call Guaranteed Plumbing for a quick resolution to your problem. A Guaranteed plumber will quickly return your garbage disposal to full function.


For many people, the day starts and ends in the bathroom. A cool, refreshing shower at the start of the day, and what better way to unwind than with a long, warm bath in the evening? Bathroom plumbing problems can disrupt the day for the entire family. Most bathroom issues center around blocked drains and toilets, water heater repairs, and leaks from faulty valves. Problems like water pressure in the supply lines and malfunctioning faucets can also create unexpected discomforts. A plumber can quickly fix these problems and restore the equilibrium in your home.

Water Heater Repairs

A constant hot water supply is a basic necessity in every household bathroom. Who wants to start the day under a cold shower or end it in a lukewarm tub? Your water heater will offer telltale clues to its imminent shutdown. If you know what to look for, you can repair or upgrade your water heater before it becomes an issue. If you’re unhappy with your current water performance or your water heater needs replacement, call an expert from Guaranteed Plumbing. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and present you with a solution.


Bathroom sinks serve your family and friends. Not only should they work well, but they should look good too. Do your sinks measure up to your expectations? Do they afford you easy access to all your skin products and cosmetics? Does the hardware still look good, or could your sinks do with an upgrade? Call Guaranteed Plumbing when the time comes to upgrade your sinks, regardless of whether you’re improving dimensions or layout. We’re also ready to fix any day-to-day problems with sink drains and fixtures.


Has your bathtub started to look a little shabby? You don’t have to do a full remodel to give your bathroom a facelift. Consider replacing the bathtub or fixtures to breathe new life into your bathroom plumbing. Contact Guaranteed Plumbing. We’ll show you what’s possible on your budget.


The humble shower has taken center stage in modern bathrooms in recent years. Enrobed in glass and chrome, with rainwater shower heads and stone and marble walls, the shower is the epitome of modern efficiency. Is your shower living up to your standards? Does it drain the way it should? Is hot water always available and set up to save water? We can help you resolve all of these problems. Call us. We have a solution for you.


Of all your bathroom plumbing appliances, toilets are the most likely to give you problems. Toilet issues run the gamut from blocked bowls to clogged sewer lines and running toilet tanks. Whether you have an emergency sewer spill or a tank leak, running your money down the drain, call Guaranteed Plumbing for plumbers you can depend on.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms, like kitchens, work hard. Unlike kitchens, they’re not the most popular room in the house. Here, plumbed water supply lines and effective drainage enable efficient cleaning and home maintenance away from the main living areas.

At Guaranteed Plumbing, we offer homeowners a full laundry room plumbing service. This includes repairs and maintenance of pipelines, drains, washers, and dryers. Don’t let the washday blues get you down. We’ll send a plumber to clear your plumbing or technical appliance problems in a jiffy.


If you’re installing a washing machine for the first time, you’ll need new plumbed lines. Your machine needs hot and cold water supply lines and a p-trap to drain the wastewater. There must be no leaks in the system, as leaked water can damage surrounding structures. Call Guaranteed Plumbing for a leak-free washer installation you can trust.


Unlike washers, water is not an issue with dryers. Dryers need loads of hot air to work properly. Gas powers the most efficient dryers. For safety reasons they should be installed by a licensed plumber.

Unless dryers (gas and electric) have adequate venting, they will run up your energy bills and take longer to dry your laundry. Most vents exit through the roof or an exterior wall. The vent exit and entry must be sealed to keep the elements and unwanted pests out of your laundry room. Before installing your new machine, clean the vent, inside and out. Gas dryers A professional dryer installation will ensure your dryer runs optimally, drying quickly and saving energy.

Guaranteed Plumbing – Looking After Your Laundry, Kitchen, and Bathroom Plumbing

At Guaranteed Plumbing, we’re proud to say that there is no plumbing problem we cannot solve. We care about customer service, and our workmanship speaks for us long after the job is done. If you have a plumbing problem in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, we can help. Call Guaranteed Plumbing for all your plumbing problems.

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