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Faucets and Valves – Repair or Replace

Faucets and valves don’t last forever. Valves will eventually leak. Faucets may start peel and tarnish, and they often become dated. Like every room in your household, bathrooms and kitchens need regular maintenance and modernization to keep up with innovative changes and new products.

Water valve repair and replacement is maintenance requirement, and unless regularly dealt with will result in wasted water and possible water damage. A water faucet, on the other hand could last for years with an occasional new cartridge. The question is whether the bathroom and kitchen faucets are starting to show their age. An upgrade could be a major interior design improvement at very little cost.

Signs of Plumbing Valve Failure

Plumbing valves control the direction and flow of water through the water supply system. Worn or faulty plumbing valves can lead to various issues in your plumbing system. These include leaks, reduced water pressure, or difficulty in controlling water flow. Here are the signs that your plumbing valves are worn and need attention or replacement:

  1. Leaks: Leaking valves are a clear sign of wear. If water seeps from the valve, water damage and mold growth may result.
  2. Difficulty Turning the Handle: If you find it increasingly difficult to turn the valve handle, it could be a sign of internal wear or corrosion. Valves should open and close smoothly.
  3. Corrosion: Rust and corrosion on the valve body or handle are strong indicators of wear. Corrosion can weaken the valve, leading to leaks or breaks.
  4. Reduced Water Pressure: If you’re experiencing reduced water pressure in your faucets or shower, a worn or partially closed valve might be the cause. Sometimes, sediment buildup inside the valve can reduce the flow. Check and clean the valve. If the problem persists, you may have to replace the valve.
  5. Noisy Operation: Unusual sounds, such as banging or clanging, when operating a valve may indicate wear.
  6. Inconsistent Temperature: If you have a mixing valve that controls the temperature of water a worn valve can result in inconsistent water temperatures. This is especially noticeable in showers, requiring a new shower valve cartridge.
  7. Inability to Fully Close or Open: A valve should fully shut off or open the flow of water or gas. If it no longer fully closes or opens, the valve may be worn.
  8. Continuous Dripping: Dripping from the valve when it’s in the closed position is a clear sign of valve wear.
  9. Visible Wear and Tear: Inspect the valve for visible signs of wear, like cracks, damage, or loose components.

The valves in your water supply line control the water supply and hot water use. They ensure that the water remains safely in the network until you need it. Then, they quickly dispense the water and shut it off, so you lose none of this valuable resource. It is, therefore, essential that you keep the valves in the system working well.

There are many complex valves in the water line, including shower valve cartridges, transfer valves, and pressure balancing valves. Guaranteed Plumbing can help with shower valve issues, leaks, or temperature fluctuations. We’ll diagnose the problem, prevent leaks and where there are valve problems, we’ll replace the old valve with a new valve assembly.

Shower Valve Assembly Problems

Essential components of a shower system, shower valve assembles control the flow and temperature of water. They are a crucial part of any modern bathroom, allowing you a comfortable and safe showering experience. Shower valve assemblies are classified according to their function and design:

Thermostatic Shower Valves

Thermostatic mixing valves maintain a constant water temperature by blending hot and cold water. The valve will automatically react to water supply fluctuations by adjusting to maintain the set temperature. This is important for safety, as it prevents scalding.

Pressure-Balancing Valve

Pressure-balancing valves are designed to balance the pressure between hot and cold water to maintain a consistent flow rate. They don’t control the temperature like thermostatic valves but prevent sudden changes in temperature caused by water pressure changes.

Diverter Valves

Diverter valves redirect water flow from one shower component to another. For example, you might use a diverter valve to switch between a handheld showerhead, overhead rain shower, and body jets.

Volume Control Valves

Volume control valves control the flow rate of water rather than the temperature. They are commonly used to adjust the water flow of multiple showerheads, pipes or outlets in a shower system.

Repair or Replace a Shower Valve Cartridge

Call a professional plumber to replace or install your shower valve replacement assemblies. A licensed plumber will know the local building codes and regulations. These codes dictate the requirements for shower valves, especially concerning safety features like anti-scald protection.

Proper maintenance and occasional inspection of your shower valve assembly will ensure reliable performance. Leaks, drips, or erratic temperature control should be addressed promptly to avoid water waste and potential damage.

Hot and Cold Water Faucet Replacement

You don’t have to remodel your bathroom to upgrade it. If your budget isn’t up to a full remodel, you can modernize and beautify your bathroom with a lick of paint, a new shower head, replacement tub and sink faucets, and a shower handle. Bathroom faucets tend to date. The chrome or other metal finishes can peel or corrode with time.

Apart from not looking good, your faucets may no longer work as well as they should. New innovative plumbing designs may be more energy-efficient, saving you money on utilities. A small investment in bathroom hardware can give your bathroom the facelift it needs.

You can also upgrade your kitchen by replacing the backsplash and faucets with modern designs and colors. The affect will be a brighter, newer living space with more efficient systems that work for you. The team at Guaranteed Plumbing would love to help you with ideas for enhancing your household plumbing systems. Call us for all your valve and faucet repairs and replacements.

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